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About us

HIC are a group of IT exports from different parts of the world who have been working together for the past three years. We have our own company and we have other company partners who are working with us too.

We have customers from all over the world , and we're always looking for new ways to give our customers the best possible experience. We're committed to providing high-quality services, and we're always open to new opportunities to build their career & make money from HIC platform.

  • Marketing

  • Web Development

  • Graphic design & Animation

  • Application development

  • Any other IT skills

Our Services

We will pay you for each project you do with us based on your skills and profession.

Hazara IT Careers is a platform that connects skilled IT professionals from Hazara community. We want to create a space where these professionals can find opportunities to make career from their skills.

Web Development

If you are a web designer or web developer, we would love to hear from you. Apply today and let us know what you can bring to the table.


We have a great opportunity for online marketers!

Graphic design & Animation

If you are a talented graphic designer or animation professional, you can apply for our open position

Application development

Could you share any skills you have that would be helpful in designing or developing applications?


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